John MacLean was a Marxist, an internationalist, an anti-War activist and a Scottish Republican. More than that he was a teacher - a dominie to use the Scots word. A teacher by profession and a teacher of the working class. Thousands were enrolled onto his classes in the west of Scotland and beyond to hear his analysis of Marxism and vision of a better, fairer society. His clarion call would become, "All hail, the Scottish Workers' Republic!" It is a clarion call that still inspires Scottish Republicans today. Below you will see and read about the real MacLean. His political writings were not as cogent as, for example, James Connolly. Many of his writings were agitational and written on trains en route to meetings or classes. Yet they were powerful and visionary and still give inspiration to us in Scotland in the 21st century looking to join the two great causes that will liberate our country and, indeed, our world - Socialism and Independence. MacLean stood up against the Communist Party of Great Britain; MacLean stood up to the British State in his 5 spells of imprisonment; MacLean still inspires us to work for that Independent, Socialist Scotland that is still the only vision worth fighting for.. Read. Be enthused. Agitate! Educate! Organise!

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