Aims & Principles

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement Emblem
Socialism’s Red Banner (so contemptuously discarded by others) attach it to the Flag of our Nation –     as in Scotland’s once and future Marine Ensign and adorn it with the Crinan Knot, symbol of the coming Republic.

SRSM Declaration of Aims and Principles (Commonly called the Calton Declaration)

We who make (or afterwards subscribe) and adhere to this Declaration are members of the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement (SRSM). Our movement’s Constitution is contained in two documents of equal status, force and effect: the Articles of Association and this Declaration. Our Movement’s name proclaims its goal: the coming Scottish Socialist Republic. Many share our aspiration but the ambition of the SRSM is to deserve Citizenship of that Republic by striving to bring it into existence. We declare:-

1. The Movement’s Object is indivisible and non-negotiable; the historic mission of the SRSM shall be complete only when the Socialist Republic is securely established.

2). Until the achievement of National Independence (without which there can be neither Republic nor Socialism) the chief work of the SRSM shall be to engage in the struggle for National Liberation. The right of Oppressed Nations to Self-Determination is, for us, a matter not of tactical convenience, but of fundamental Socialist principle. Holding that Right to be inalienable, inextinguishable and of universal application, we invoke it on behalf of our Oppressed Nation – once Scotland, `first nation of Europe’: now North Britain, Colony of a Colony.

The SRSM welcomes the Scottish Parliament as a first step to National Freedom. However, Home Rule per se it regards as a snare and a delusion. The SRSM respectfully urges upon all its fellow citizens the only real remedy – unilateral repeal of the Union and the resumption of national independence. 

3. Convinced that the keys to Scotland’s freedom and future are not to be found there: the SRSM turns its back on the Palace of Westminster. If the movement contests Parliamentary Elections, its successful candidates will sit only in a Scottish Parliament, where they will swear allegiance to none other than Scotland’s rightful sovereign, the Scottish People.

4. Any and all such SRSM parliamentary representatives will follow the excellent example set by the Scottish Socialist Party’s first MSP in refusing to live on more than the average pay of a skilled worker.

5. Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Waste and the industry which makes the one and excretes the other are all alike, useless and dangerous to the Scottish People. Existing weapons and Industry, the SRSM can and must oppose. New weapons, bases and installations, it can and must resist. The Dumping of Nuclear Waste it can and must help to prevent.

The SRSM Demands: that existing waste be on no account transported anywhere but instead be stored above ground at the point of production, and constantly monitored until science provides a truly safe and universally acceptable method of disposal. The SRSM takes its stand with those who will not suffer the dumping of any grade of nuclear material in or under any part of Scotland’s National Territory (including territorial sea, sea-bed and Islands) nor anywhere sufficiently near to endanger Scotland’s population, resources and environment. To expose a country, against its will and interest, too many thousands of years of danger (500,000 in the case of high grade waste) can scarcely be construed as a friendly act. If, then, we regard those who plot such things in secret, as Enemies not of Scotland alone but of the Human Race, they must not affect surprise. The temporary unpopularity of an ‘innocent’ geologist cannot weigh against permanent death of a Land and People.

6. Scottish Republican Socialists:

i) will never deny to others that which they seek for themselves.

ii) rejecting the infantile ethnocentrism of the `British ‘Left: do not equate Internationalism with anti-Nationalism – still less with the subjection of the Celtic Peoples to rule from London.

iii) believing on the contrary, that true Internationalism can only begin at home: regard the first duty of an Internationalist as being to make the Revolution in his or her own country, or, since the Cause is always and everywhere the same, in the country of residence or exile and that the first duty of citizens of an Oppressor Nation is to be `democrats for the Oppressed Nation’.

iv) DEMAND: that “Scotland the Brave” be brave no longer in the wars of others, along with other native levies, against those with whom she has no quarrel and in particular that “Ireland’s Tragedy” shall cease to be “Scotland’s Disgrace”. Our Slogan: BRITAIN OUT OF IRELAND! SCOTLAND OUT OF BRITAIN!

v) holding it to be still true that the major contradiction of our age is that between Imperialism and the Peoples of the whole World: maintain unshakeable solidarity with our brothers and sisters who in every land struggle for National Liberation, Socialism and the Emancipation of all Humanity.

vi) anticipating the victories of tomorrow, look forward to a long era of harmonious co-operation between our Republic and (among many others) a Welsh Socialist Republic and a 32 County Irish Socialist Republic, and will support the national aspirations of the Basque, Breton, Cornish and Corsican peoples.

vii) assuming as Members of a Socialist and Internationalist Movement, our part in and our obligations to the World Wide Movement of the Peoples for Socialism and against Imperialism and War: consider the chief of those obligations to be that of rescuing our Country from the two Imperialisms which imprison and make of her a threat to World Peace.

7. The SRSM, fighting for a just, humane and civilised Society: abhors racism, Fascism and religious sectarianism and shall combat every manifestation of those evils, to the utmost of its strength.

8. The SRSM, similarly: rejects every variety of Unionism/Loyalism (including the infamous `Two Nations Theory’) and trusts that the inherent contradictions of this nauseous creed will lead soon to its destruction. The SRSM denies the right of Unionists to solve their identity crisis at the expense of the Scottish Nation. The SRSM opposes the Unionism and British Nationalism of British Socialist organisations.

9. Every aspect of Scottish life and politics is bedevilled by the National Question. Until it is solved no other `question’ can be. Yet the National Question is at root an International Question. Though prevented from defending her National interests (by those who deny she has any), captive Scotland is deployed rather than defended by the imperialist NATO Alliance. To nuclear powers defence consists of the ability to attack. Scotland is not fortress but threat. Because most threatening she is most vulnerable. Her people face the certainty of obliteration in any all-out war.


A) demands real Independence and will not rest satisfied with `the continuation of the UK by other means’

B) rejects with contempt any `solution’ which makes Scotland a voluntary instead of conscript member of NATO – or of her people a `consenting’ instead of voiceless, sacrifice.

C) will resist any attempt to substitute American for British rule over Scotland.

10. The SRSM proposes that Free Scotland:

1) should leave the NATO Alliance and remove any remaining nuclear weapons, and all imperialist troops, bases, store, installations, warships, military aviation etc., from the National Territory.

2) Should pursue policies of Strict Neutrality and Non-Alignment.

3) Should be driven from such a position into other military alliances only by `destabilisation’ on the part of former allies and rulers, of such intensity as to seriously threaten her sovereignty, integrity and survival.

4) Should be defended by democratically controlled armed forces, capable of protecting National interests and which, relying on conventional weapons, constitute no threat to anyone, save an invader.

5) Should, on becoming a Socialist Republic, rely for her defence, primarily upon a Militia drawn from the broad popular masses.

All Hail the Scottish Workers Republic!”

11. We are agreed:-

1) That Socialism, often abandoned and betrayed, has not failed.

2) that it remains the highest and best form of social organisation for the World, Country and time in which we live.

3) that the society we envisage will have a Planned Economy, based on Common Ownership for the benefits of all.

4) that this Common Ownership shall extend to the ‘means of Production, Distribution, Control and Exchange’- and, most necessary to Scotland, Land and Natural Resources.

5) that the corresponding form of political organisation of such a Society can only be a Republic.

6) that to call our State anything else would, at this stage in history, be to insult human intelligence, rationality, self-respect and dignity, as well as the radical traditions of Scotland.

7) that the SRSM will accept no form of Socialism until the Republic is declared and will accept no form of Socialism except Republican Socialism.

8) that the Socialism we advocate is neither, as opponents allege, impossibly idealist- doomed to defeat by ‘corrupt’ human nature nor inhumanely tyrannous.

9) that true Socialism ‘has a human face’; what is inhuman is not socialist.

10) that Socialism comes not to destroy Democracy but to make it real.

11) that the only ‘liberty’ to disappear under Socialism is the liberty to exploit others; all other Human, Civil and Democratic Rights, shall, in our Republic, be vastly extended and guaranteed. It is inconceivable that a secular, civilised and democratic Socialist Republic which we advocate would not have a written Constitution and Bill of Rights which was at least worth the paper it was written on and extendable by referendum.

12) that Socialism concerned only with the Workers of the ‘Central Belt’ would assuredly fail; our Republic must serve the people of every part of Scotland with equally passionate and effective commitment.

13) that the Republic must end the curse of landlordism forever.

14) that the Republic must encourage a great renaissance of the Scottish culture.

15) that the Republic (and before that the Republican movement) must do everything to defend that culture’s most precious jewel, the Gaelic language. We will also support the cultural and legal recognition of the Scots Language.

16) that only a Socialist Republic could carry through the revolutionary transformation of every aspect of Scottish life which is so urgently necessary and build, on the basis of a Socialist Economy, a new civilisation as brilliant as it is truly human.

17) that recognising the difficulties involved, the Socialist Republican will be prepared to take all steps necessary to defend the Revolution.

18) that “SCOTLAND FREE OR A DESSERT!” is prophecy not threat; the alternative to what we propose does not bear contemplation.

12.) Until the coming of the Republic, our Movement must be:

i) Guardian of Scottish Republican Socialist Principles but, beyond essentials, undogmatic.

ii) a ‘broad kirk’ – open to all who support in word and deed this Declaration – but not a cult, or the property of a sect or individual.

iii) single-minded as to its objective, but flexible as to its route.

iv) internally democratic but united in action.

In this sign conquer!
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